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Karen Campbell This is where i am


This is where i am When recently widowed Deborah Maxwell is assigned by the Scottish Refugee Council to act as mentor to Abdi Hassan, a Somali refugee, the two are drawn into an awkward friendship. They must spend a year together, meeting once a month in different parts of Glasgow. As recently-widowed Deborah opens Abdi's eyes to her beloved city and its people, he teaches her about the importance of family – and of laying your ghosts to rest. All Abdi has brought with him is his four-year-old daughter, Rebecca, who lives in a silence no one can reach. Until, one day, she starts talking. And they discover why she had stopped...
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  • Titolo originale: This is where i am
  • ISBN: 9781408832721
  • Autore:
  • Editore: Bloomsbury publishing
  • Lingua del Ebooks: IT
  • Data di rilascio: 14.03.2013
  • Formato Ebooks: EPUB
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