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Paul W. Feenstra Falls ende


Falls ende The ‘Falls Ende’ saga seamlessly continues in ‘The King,’ Book 3.For Herdsman Odo Read, life at Mellester Manor has almost returned to normal when a sudden death changes his life. The discovery of a letter has far-reaching implications and the potential to create unwanted friction between King Henry II and Pope Alexander III.Incensed at the developments, the king’s proxy, Lord of Ridgley Manor, Sir Hyde Fortescue turns his back on Odo and refuses to help. One man steps up and offers assistance. Will his plan succeed Can Odo honour his word and remain at Ridgely Manor or will he return to Mellester and his beloved Charlotte‘Falls Ende – The King,’ chronicles Odo’s biggest challenge yet in another page-turning drama.Best read in sequence, Book 1, Falls Ende – The Oath, Book 2, Falls Ende – Courser and Book 3, Falls Ende – The King are currently available only in digital ebook formats.
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  • Titolo originale: Falls ende
  • ISBN: 9780473436353
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  • Editore: Mellester press
  • Lingua del Ebooks: IT
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  • Formato Ebooks: EPUB
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