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Carmen Gentile Blindsided by the taliban


Blindsided by the taliban The author is an international journalist whose work has been featured in USA Today, ABC News, TIME, Newsweek, and many others. He has relationships with many major news outlets.The author was struck in the face with an RPG while on assignment with an Army unit if Afghanistan and survived. The story received extensive coverage at the time, including stories at the USA Today and NPR.The author explains battling his symptoms of PTSD following his injury. Of the more than 2.7 million veterans of the Iran and Afghanistan wars, more than 500,000 report similar issues.The story has a much larger audience than traditional war narratives. The author also focuses equally on coping with a broken engagement and romantic misadventures and discusses how his recovery conflicts with a past history of drug use, therefore expanding the audience base beyond those with military interest.
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