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Walter Mosley All i did was shoot my man


All i did was shoot my man Zella Grisham never denied shooting her boyfriend. That’s not why she did eight years of hard time on a sixteen-year sentence. It’s that the shooting inadvertently led to charges of grand theft. Talk about bad luck.Leonid McGill has reasons to believe she’s innocent. But reopening the case is only serving to unsettle McGill’s private life even further—and expose a family secret that’s like a kick to the gut.As the case unfolds, as the truth of what happened eight years ago becomes more damning and more complex than anyone dreamed, McGill and Zella realize that everyone is guilty of something, and that sometimes the sins of the past can be too damaging to ever forget. Or ever forgive.
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  • Titolo originale: All i did was shoot my man
  • ISBN: 9781101552315
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  • Editore: Berkley
  • Lingua del Ebooks: IT
  • Data di rilascio: 24.01.2012
  • Formato Ebooks: EPUB
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