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Barbara Northey Barron Beyond preludria


Beyond preludria Disease, starvation and warfare ravage the icy realm of Preludria. Born to royalty, Adysia must find a way to save her people. But when she chooses to marry Koron, heir to a neighbouring kingdom, the young couple is exiled to the frozen wasteland. Adysia leads their flight through the forbidding wilderness, her path determined by a series of haunting dreams. If her visions can be trusted, there may be hope for them-and for her people - somewhere beyond Preludria.About the Author Barbara Northey Barron completed Beyond Preludria in the last year of her life after a three-year battle with cancer. She wrote Beyond Preludria because, having raised four rambunctious boys, she felt the need for a strong female role for her granddaughters and all young women. Born in Camrose, Alberta in 1936, Barbara attended high school in Trail, British Columbia and later the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University of Art & Design) in Vancouver. Married in 1956 to her husband Ken, she continued her art and music while raising four boys in Richmond and North Vancouver. She developed a keen interest in clay and became a very accomplished and respected potter studying in Wales and England and teaching glazing techniques at several colleges in B.C. She was very passionate about all the things that touched her life, but nothing more so than her art, friends, and family. Barbara passed away in 1996. She is missed by all who knew her and those who wish they had.
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