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Mark Sperring Daddy lion’s tea party


Daddy lion’s tea party Feeding time at the zoo has never been so much fun!A hilarious new picture book from the creators of ‘Mabel and Me’ and ‘Max and the Won’t Go to Bed Show’. Daddy Lion is having a polite and genteel tea party for his cubs. They want to invite all their friends but Daddy says no- he doesn’t want the pot-bellied pigs hogging the cream buns or Skunk pooh, pong, stinking the place out! But things do not go quite as planned… A laugh-out-loud story full of noise and chaos!
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  • Titolo originale: Daddy lion’s tea party
  • ISBN: 9780007481859
  • Autore:
  • Editore: Harpercollinschildren’sbooks
  • Lingua del Ebooks: IT
  • Data di rilascio: 04.06.2015
  • Formato Ebooks: EPUB
  • Filesize : 7.40Mb
  • Valutazione del Ebooks: 4.7 su 5 (211 voti)

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Daddy lion’s tea party


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